Our Process - Astoria Custom Renovations

Our Process

Meet with you to discuss your ideas

Our initial meeting can be very informative and may include a walk-through of your home which will allow us to review your renovation ideas, rough plans and options.

Assess the viability of the plan

We will assess the viability of the project, and any building code or structural concerns within the first meeting.

Perform detailed design

At Astoria Projects, our design and drafting team will create the conceptual drawings for your renovation.

Prepare a complete budget

Once your design plans are ready, Astoria Projects will provide you with an estimate for the project which can be refined as needed to ensure all the finishing elements you would like, have been incorporated. Once the changes have been finalized, we will provide a final project cost summary so you are aware of all the expenses related to your project.

Ensure you are able to incorporate your personality, lifestyle needs, desires and ideas

A renovation project is the opportunity for you to add into an existing property more of your likes, wants and wishes to enhance a property with long term value. This may mean completing your unfinished basement, redesigning the existing living space or building an addition or second story to increase the floor space for your growing family!

Manage all the project details, including permits

The Astoria Projects team will manage all the project details, including the permitting process which can at times be frustrating and time consuming. Our experienced team will finalize and submit the application packages and provide guidance that will expedite the process to keep your project on target for the completion date.

Complete the renovation and making the transition as simple and uncomplicated as possible

The Bottom line on your project, is that the experience that Astoria Projects brings to the table will support you during the renovation process and ensure that you are an integral part of the project. Astoria Projects is a member of RenoMark, a membership that we take very seriously! Along with our client referrals, samples of projects, and construction experience, the RenoMark program ensures that you are working with a company that holds itself to high standards, from the first meeting right to the finished renovation project. We are also a member of the Alberta Renovation Warranty Program.

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